How long is my George Foreman Grill Guarantee

Found 28th Sep 2014

I purchased a George Foreman Grill from amazon and it no longer works, how long is my guarantee.
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12 months
6 years under the sale of goods act. Don't let anybody tell you anything different and your contract is with the retailer that sold it to you not the manufacture.

Amazon give great after sales service contact them by going through your Amazon account.
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With respect, the item in question is a George Foreman grill and one would expect a brand, arguably a market leader, to last at least 6 years.

I have tested SOGA on many, many occasions and retailers have always given in. Don't get me wrong here it can be quite time consuming and it has sometimes got to the stage where I have had to threaten them with legal action but SOGA is there to protect consumers and it is a shame that more people are not aware of it.
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I will be sending it back today to georgeforeman.co.uk so i am going to let you know what happens, it is 18 months old and amazon says the guarantee is no longer valid.
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