How long is your commute journey?

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Found 19th Dec 2016
A new job offer has come my way however the commute is a total an hour. This includes sitting on the northern line for 50mins!

How long is your commute and what's the maximum time you can cope commuting?

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1 hour commute is not bad. Mine was 1.5 hours for ages which is my limit.

10 minutes on a pushbike uphill going and 5 minutes coming back......too far for what I get paid!

15 mins

1 hour door to door

Mine is less than a minute. The joy of working from home! I do go to London 1-2 times a week which is a 1.5 hour journey each way. I used to have 1.25 hour commute when living in London.

6 minutes =3 miles on a motorbike been doing it for 28 year's oO

1 hr 25 mins.

depends if you will get a seat then 1hr seems ok

Original Poster

Thanks so an hour is not too shabby I'm guessing...

15 -20 mins each way. But have travelled around an hour each way in the past,

1 hour 20mins on a perfect day

1 hour 40mins on a average day

Be glad its not as bad as mine!

I'm a tradesman. I only work local so it can be anything from 5mins to an hour depending on where job is, but I won't go more than a hours drive. Even then how some do more than that every day is no way a sustainable life style. Never mind the cost of travel. Hats off to those who do it though. Not me though.

I have the burden of the M62 to dictate my journey. A good day 30 mins. An average day 50 mins. A bad day 2 hours. Depends how good you negotiate the times that you work i guess.

4-5 Minutes if the traffic light gods are smiling, 15-20 minutes if they hate me, I left my last job because of traffic and took a lower paid job for this very reason, I don't regret it either.

Not bad, I have just accept an offer at Liverspool St, which will take me around 40mins (I hope) and that is on train bus etc. Before I was driving to and from work took me 30 mins. Jumping from car to public transport is going to be a pain. Good luck us!

The time it take to get out of bed and walk to the office in the garden, working from home for the win

5 min drive & 5 min walk (or 15 min walk) + 20 min train + 5 min walk, door to door with allowances is about 40 mins.

On a train isn't too bad if it's either short and you can stand with a bit of space, or a longer journey say 45 mins isn't bad on a train if you have a seat. Buses are pretty much out the question, I find it a horrible experience and for me it's well over an hour, driving again I wouldn't really consider over half an hour.

Gone are the days when there was enough jobs in your local area, I'm amazed some mornings seeing how many cars are on the motorway at 05:30

2 mins I am very lucky

15 minute drive out towards the country. Couldn't tolerate trains/buses and long commutes.

Me, 15-20 minute drive, my wife 45-60 minutes drive.

I wouldn't mind an hour if it was public transport, would read, listen to music, catch up with news etc. Sounds like a good way to ease into the day.

I work from home as well now but before I as commuting for 55 minutes each way by car.

If the travel isn't bad and you can do it either before or after the rush hour it makes it far more tolerable.

I used to work in London used to pain in..

My new job which is from 7 yrs pay me when I step outside of my house door
Personally more than 10 minutes to commute to any job is inhumane
Even if you earn more u don't enjoy life
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1 hour has been up to 2.5 hours when the M1 was closed last week

10 minute walk
It used to take an hour but I couldn't take getting up before five am to catch the early train to get me to work on time any more. Oh and the fact that Southern trains were so bad.

Mine is 5 minutes in car to one job, 15 minutes bike ride to my second job. If the weather is bad and I can't cycle , I have a combined car journey of 20 mins and a 20 min walk or a 45 minute walk.

My husbands is a 10 minute bike ride and 40 minute train journey.

My daughter has 20 min drive ( courtesy of mums taxi ) plus a minimum 3 hour return train journey each day this year. However she loves the job, obviously would be better if it was closer as she works long hours too , but that's just how it goes. She is going back to Uni to finish her degree in September and her commute to Uni isn't much shorter.

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120 mile round trip on the m1 each day. time anytime between 1hr to 3hrs
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