how long till top cashback will pay me?

Found 4th Mar 2014
i've got an order from amazon and got some cashback back from topcashback which was confirmed but i'm waiting for topcashback to give me the money how long does this take normally?
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If you look at tcb website for a particular merchant it tells you what the average wait is for payment. If this is the link you used it appears you shouldnt have long to wait. topcashback.co.uk/ama…on/ Need to click on see more statistics and it says 3 weeks or so.
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i had to wait over a year for one of them

i had to wait over a year for one of them

Was that Amazon?
goto your account, click on earnings then click on the monetary amount that you have been given, it will give you in weeks how long that you have to wait for your money.

Was that Amazon?

no it was ' jackpot247' ( which has now paid ) and prestiege casino which I am still waiting on , but in all fairness most of the major site pay on an ok time scale , and don't forget that when you cash out and take vouchers you get a little bit more
they also pay out in Tesco clubcard points ( but there is a limit on the clubcard points ) which as you know can use for 4x deals (_;)
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