How long to cook chicken on disposable bbq?

Found 19th May 2014
Today seemed nice so I went out and bought a load of meat and a few portable bbqs. The chicken is large chicken thighs, quite big but it is thigh so probably boney.

Not looking for a definitive answer, I know how to tell when chicken is cooked - but I want to know what sort of time I'm looking at so I can time the rest of the food to be done around the same time.

-- any general tips on disposable bbqs would be great, haven't used one since high school.
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should oven bake it first until nearly done

then fiinish it off on the bbq
few choices, microwave it, boil it, or do it in the oven

or if you got good butchers skills take it off the bone

or, fork it...bearing in mind the juice will flow out
I second cooking them in the oven first if you can. Thighs would probably take in the region of 40 mins on the BBQ (but don't quote me on that, I wouldn't want to be responsible for your safety!) but disposable BBQs aren't great for getting the right temperature and lasting that long.... Oven cooking and finishing on the BBQ is much safer.
I've found that disposable bbq's can vary in how much charcoal is in them, so how long they will burn for. I wouldn't cook chicken thighs on one as they take quite a bit of cooking to get done right through to the bone. If you cut them open and remove the bone you could lie them out flattish and cook them on the bbq that way so theyre much thinner, so will cook faster. That way they should cook in about 15 mins each or so. Don't keep turning them, just turn them once if you can, or they will take longer to cook.
I wouldn't even attempt to cook raw chicken or other food on these types of BBQ, in my experience I have found them to be unreliable, and never cook evenly, if I use one of these types of BBQ, I always precook the food, and just use theses to finish off, to add a bit of flavour with the fat smoke.
Alright I will cook them about 2/3's in the oven I guess then chuck them on the bbq. As long as it still have the bbq taste thx for the help
Iv done the exact same thing today bought a disposable bbq and got some chicken steaks took ages for them to cook im sure they were still
pink when I ate them, but they were red hot to touch in the middle so best to precook in the oven!
This is only advice not the law cook chicken till juices are pure not bloody
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