How Long's Amarillo at the Number 1 Spot??

    Hi everyone!! Will this week's chart have a new number 1, or will Amarillo's regin of terror continue.

    I loved this song at first being the WORLD's biggest Peter Kay fan, but the amount of time it's been number 1 is rediculous!!


    Umm... never liked this song, but had a good laugh when I saw it during "Have I Got News For You" [a satirical news quiz]. It starred Michael Portillo, Andrew Morton + err... someone else :roll: But it was funny.

    HIGNFY is a great alternative to the serious news programmes [reminds me, it's on at 9.00pm].

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    Have I Got News for You is my FAVOURITE program!! Just watched it. This week's was very funny, but hasn't Kirsty Young had her fair share of presenting?? LOL

    Yeah she has, but she's very photogenic

    They just can't stop the "Boris" jokes though :roll:


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    LOL. Boris all the way!! He's the best guest-presenter they've ever had. Can you remember the one with Bruce Forsyth when he totally mashed it up with his own games?? Or the recent Christmas one with Ronnie Corbet?? The one from the last series where Linda Smith tried to make a new presenter out of origami was very funny too - we saw her in Blackpool when we went to the recording of "The News Quiz".

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    >>Is this the way to election special<<

    This is what you wanted Rayman!! Michael Portillo. Really funny isn't it. The most degrading thing is that Tony Christie was the person who re-wrote the lyrics for them!!

    By the way, you can WATCH the video online!! It's longer than what HIGNFY showed as well!!

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    It got knocked off it's number one spot before it could make 8 weeks, but during the 7 it was there it sold nearly 1,000,000 copies for Comic Relief!! I think that it did better than ever imagined. What it needs now is a boost in sales. You never know, next week...

    Thanks for that it is the clip I was referring to :wink:

    I never thought it would be as good as it is without Angus D, but I think it's even funnier at times

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    It's another celeb guest each week to laugh at!!
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