How many adverts does this woman do!

    Not sure her name but she does the Harveys furniture adverts, some beauty cream adverts, diarrorea medication adverts, mortgage adverts and a few more I cant remember offhand.

    I mean how stupid do advertisers think we are! as in one shes supposed to be a first time mum, in another she has a few kids(And this was shown weeks before the new mum one started lol)

    Anyone know who im on about


    is it the mad doctor-woman from eastenders.? i know she does a lot of adverts, including having a tantrum on a supermarket floor.

    Adverts thought you where talking about your pointless posts

    You watch too much TV

    Do you mean the one that is getting ready to go out and bangs her phone on the radiator and says she is stuck in traffic. she gets everywhere!! lol
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