How many days do you think it will take to revise for a Car Theory Test?

    How many days too you think it will take to revise for Car Theory Test?

    My Theory test is on Saturday but got one more day before I can change it to another day.

    Done my first day of proper revision today.

    Been reading through a book which has helped.

    But still need to revise the hazard perception part.


    I revised the theory for about a month... Didnt even revise hazard perception... But sayin that, I did only pass it by 1 mark!

    It's easy, It's common sense really, A couple of minutes revision is probably all you'll need, I had a look in the highway code. Didn't really find anything I didn't already know. Good luck.

    As Shaun said, alot of it is common sense. Just revise for a week, take a few mock tests and go from there - if you need more practice - do so; if you feel up for it - book a test.

    [COLOR="Red"]About an hour before your test.[/COLOR]

    couple of hours

    id say a bit more than "an hour" just remember, stopping distances, lanes, speed limits e.t.c and the rest is pretty easy

    I done about 4 hours and got 50/50 on the questions and 49/75 on the hazard perception :thumbsup:

    if you have not got the practice disk try and get a hold of it and do about 3 mock tests a day.

    Also make sure you are aware of what you are looking for in the hazard percep test. They are developing hazzards and you must click at the exact time when it becomes a hazzard and not before (like dont click till the car pulls out in front of you even though you know it is going to before it does)

    go through the whole book and circle any questions that are not common sense , and just revise the ones you have circle i got mine all right 8-)


    I done about 4 hours and got 50/50 on the questions and 49/75 on the … I done about 4 hours and got 50/50 on the questions and 49/75 on the hazard perception :thumbsup:

    ditto. well i got 49/50.

    Its mostly just common sense. you don't need to revise stopping distances (inc. thinking), just remember:

    20mph x 2 = 40ft
    30mph x 2.5 = 75ft
    40mph x 3 = 120ft

    etc etc

    Original Poster

    Does anyone know where I can get the mark scheme?

    I find it funny the test says if you got some wrong but not which ones........then it gives you your theory license.

    im studyin for mine atm, nt even booked it yet lol but i jst do 15 mins a night, its absolutely nothing but its all i need :lol:

    id revise for about 3-4 days to make sure. didnt have to do that hazard thing in my day but sounds pretty easy
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