How many days until 9th october?

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Found 26th Jan 2009
ive counted 3 times and had 3 diffrent answers!
Please help!!!

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256 not including today

261 includind today

Damn, 261 days until im not in my 20's anymore :x



Which year ?

What's happening on the 9th October?

Original Poster

Lol thanks all for your help!!!

Im getting married on 9th october


Lol thanks all for your help!!!Im getting married on 9th october

[SIZE="6"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][CENTER]Congrulations!!!! [/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE]:thumbsup:

256 - just put the two dates in excel and subtract one from the other :thumbsup:

If you wanted to calculate working days just use the networkdays formula :-D
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