how many dead pixels is acceptable on a new laptop?

Posted 18th Jul 2008
Ive just bought a pink laptop for my daughter, got the Medion dual core from Woolies. Anyway it arrived today, powered it up and first thing we saw was a nasty green dead pixel! So phoned their hotline and they said unfortunately they couldnt take it back unless it had 6 dead pixels! We've had many laptops, inc Dell, Toshiba, Acer and none has ever had a dead pixel, looked it up and it says A grade screens should have no dead pixels. Im going to take it back today and see if I can get a refund, as it does say you have 28 days to change your mind, but not sure if im going to mention the pixel. I shalnt buy a Medion again. Anyone else had this problem?
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New laptop none.
wow id hate even one on a brand new lappy! id feel cheated
Rowlocks !!! I wouldn't accept it with any dead pixels.

Did you order it via internet? If so, you have 7 or 14 days to return it to them under "The Distance Selling Regulations"

Tell 'em to shove it up their Khyber !!
send their backsides into cyberspace!
I have a dead (black/grey) pixel on my Dell laptop, not that I care really as it's only 1 out of 1.3 Million of them You can sometimes unstick a pixel
Medion are usually fantastic, try contacting them directly, I emailed them once as on my PC the case has a push button flap down thing that hides the front USBs etc, and the thing that stops it coming down snapped off, anyway they sent me a whole new case free of charge!

Also was'nt there a program that claimed to be able to fix dead pixels?
Take it back and dont mention the pixels- say you have changed your mind (perhaps a little white lie and say she has one under school scheme or somthing?:oops:)
Try massaging it gently or using this -

Try massaging it gently or using this -

they are meant to work never had to use it though, touch wood

Try massaging it gently or using this -

Does the website actually help remove dead pixels?

Does the website actually help remove dead pixels?

Not dead pixels, just stuck ones.

The way it works is that the animated .gif background image rapidly switches the pixel from its FFFFFF to its 000000 state (which is nerdspeak for switching it on full and switching it off), which will sometimes coax a pixel into unsticking. A dead pixel, however, is one that is kaput, and no amount of seizure-inducing flashing will do anything about it.
just take it back and say you changed your mind, they will have to give you a refund if its in the 7day window.
To the original question, the number of dead pixels classed as acceptable depends on who you ask. If you ask the industry, you're looking at about 7+ dead pixels before they'll consider a screen faulty enough to be worthy of a replacement. Any less than that, and the company will fob you off with something about adhearing to industry standards, and tell you to go away. Read more about it at…tml .

A shop might echo these words. Shops, industry, they're as bad as each other, I tells ye.

However, ask a consumer, and they'll say that no dead pixels are acceptable. Especially not on a new laptop. And this is good, because the Sale Of Goods Act demands that items bought must be of satisfactory quality, and if they aren't, well, the retailer really has no argument. So print out a copy of the act, take the laptop down to Woolworths', and if they don't give you a refund without argument, pull it out, get them to read it aloud, argue, and if they still refuse, tell the store manager to write why he is refusing to grant you a refund on the back.
I believe you cant return it unless there i 4 or more dead pixels
well took it back, they said it wasnt faulty, and wouldnt accept it back for less than 6! However we said we'll it says we have 28 days to change our mind for any reason on the invoice, so they couldnt argue with that and we got a refund, minus the £5 delivery charge, but we shalnt be buying Medion again. It even says on their website that dead pixels arent classed as a fault! Unfortunately it seems to be normal practice, which is not good.
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