Found 10th Dec 2004
how many forums are u people on ?

im on about 6

anyone on trap17

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I only look at this one at the moment.


I am on this one only at the moment
BTW whats trap17?

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its a forum with nearly everything you want to know and it gives you free webhosting

I'm on this forum only, everything i need is here!!!

Yep, I only use this one as well. Any others give out prizes?

i`m on about 10 different forums for various things

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r u on trap 17 bartman ????

I'm on at least 15 forums for various interests.

Mainly this one: [url][/url]



I use another one regularly and dip into several others now and then - all book related!

strange post indeed, bumping an ollllld thread and now banned!
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