How many games fit on a PS Vita Memory Card?

Found 17th Sep 2013
I'm looking at getting one and taking advantage of my PS Plus subscription. However the memory cards seem to be more expensive than enriched uranium

If I get a 16GB card, how many games am I going to fit on there?
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Depends on the games, i got just over 20 on a 32gb card.
i had a 16gb recently until i sold my vita. i had 3 full games, and 10 smaller psn games and still had 9gb spare. so you can fit quite a few.

4gb is far to small, 8 gb is ok for a few games, but to be safe i would go for a 16gb, 32gb is the best but they are very expensive, 16gb you can pick up between £20-£30 second hand. 32gb is about double.
As both of the above have said, it really depends what games you are getting on the card that will tell you how much you can store.

As a rough guide here are some of the PSN+ games I've got for my vita and their rough size. Sorted alphabetically.

Arc The Lad 1 - 282mb - PS1 classic
Big Sky Infinity - 315mb
Coconut Dodge - 49mb
Creatures 3 - 271mb
Ecolibrium - 274mb
Final Fantasy V - 135mb - PS1 classic
Gravity Rush - 1450mb
Guilty Gear - 18mb - PS1 classic
imaginstruments - 60mb
James Pond 2 - 64mb
Jet Set Radio - 1100mb
Jetpack joyride - 33mb
Knytt Underground - 642mb
Lego Lord of the Rings - 1814mb
Lumines: Electronic Symphony - 717mb
Metal Gear Solid HD collection 3379mb
Mortal Kombat - 3066mb
New Little King's Story - 685mb
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus - 2126mb
Oddworld: Abes Exoddus - 732mb - PS1 classic
Oddworld: Abes oddysee - 465mb - PS1 classic
Pinball Arcade - 123mb
Pixel Junk Monsters - 70mb
Puddle - 567mb
Rayman Origins - 922mb
Sine Mora - 676mb
Stealth Inc - 187mb
Table Football - 251mb
Thomas Was Alone - 239mb
Uncharted Golden Abyss - 3383mb
Unit 13 - 954mb
Velocity Ultra - 224mb
Virtues Last Reward - 1263mb
When Vikings Attack - 592mb
Wipeout 2048 - 1604mb

That should at least give you an idea.
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