How many have been hit by VistaPrint £10 montly fee??

Found 9th Jan 2008
How many people have been hit by this Vista Print monthly fee... and have any of you reported it to watchdog, trading standards, consumer direct, etc??…ic/
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As I said in the other thread - I was - then I received an email saying they had cancelled it as per my instructions - it was only then that I realised I'd been paying it - I hadnt actually cancelled it. So I emailed them telling they they had taken the money without authority and I wanted it returned - this applied to Premier Club and VistaPrint Rewards. I then received email stating that it would be refunded immediately and after this I checked my bank account in more detail and found it had been going on for 5 months. Another email followed saying that I wanted it all back and they have replied saying this would be done. Not sure if it has gone back yet but I would suggest that the fact they were so quick to agree would mean that they know they are in the wrong

P.S. Premier club are part of the same company!!!!
Just checked bank statement and i have had 4 payments refunded from and 4 from so that is all the money they had taken without any arguements or hassle. Good news for me and all thanks to the original poster for highlighting this!
Won't be posting any vista deals again. I don't remember clicking on any reward program but maybe I missed a tiny tickbox with no mention of a monthly fee. anyway just checked my emails and lo and behold I have a 30 day free trail with vprewards!! I followed the link and logged in and cancelled the subscription. email below. If you have bought from them I would search your email for subject rewards and see if you find anything.

Dear ,

Welcome to VistaPrint Rewards ! You're receiving this email because you accepted a special invitation to try VistaPrint Rewards . And remember, you are eligible to claim £10 Cash Back on your next VistaPrint purchase! Simply print out your order confirmation from your next VistaPrint order and post this to VistaPrint Rewards PO BOX 587 Edgware HA8 4DX together with details of your Membership ID, name, address and telephone number.

Start saving right now -- simply click the URL below and enter your membership ID number and post code to login!


For your reference, your Membership ID number is: 885254987

Here are just some of the benefits and savings that await you:

l Great savings at John Lewis , Marks & Spencers and Woolworths with vouchers purchased through the programme.

l Enjoy discounts such as 50% off Choice Hotels and many more.

l Plus exclusive discounts from a variety of retailers and service providers. Offers available change monthly over the course of a year, so check back often. You could save thousands of pounds each year.

You'll find details on all these benefits -- and many others -- on the VistaPrint Rewards website. When making the most of your membership your savings will out weigh the cost of your membership to this fantastic money saving programme!

So take advantage of your VistaPrint Rewards benefits during your 30-day trial membership period. We invite you to use our services for the full 30-day trial period. If within 30 day you don't feel that our services and benefits are everything we say they are, simply call us on 0845 026 1100 or log onto the website to cancel your membership. VistaPrint Rewards will automatically charge a membership fee to your card at the end of your 30-day trial period and, unless you cancel. The fee will then be applied on a monthly basis at the then-current fee each new membership month.

Important: Please save this email for future reference and bookmark [url][/url] for instant access to your benefits.

Yours sincerely,

Karen Heath
Hello, I’m Jeff Esposito, an employee in VistaPrint’s public relations group, and I saw your blog entry on our rewards program and wanted to reply. On behalf of VistaPrint I am sorry you feel you’ve had a negative experience with our rewards program. VistaPrint believes that the vast majority of our customers who sign up for the program really enjoy the benefits, but if you are not happy, please ]click here or copy this link into your browser window ]http//ww…spx. After filling out the form, we’d be happy to process a full cancellation and refund.
I buy monthly from Vista Print and have never had any trouble like this.. weird init.
The above post is nonsense. It appears all over the web where people complain about Vistaprint / vprewards / clubprem. Note the wording "A full cancellation and refund". Yes, they'll fully cancel your membership, but you won't *fully* get all your money back. They are a company that have ripped off thousands of people over the years. It is a terrible shame that a company like vistaprint can take advantage of so many people for so long without any comeback. Don't use them.
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