How many items can I list for sale/trade?

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Found 11th Nov 2010
I have some items for sale, including new clothes and DVD's, CD's, games. What can I list and do I have to list everything in one post?

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You can list as much as you want and in as many threads as you want once you follow the rules


tomwenn, you can list them all in one thread, but the number of feedbacks you can receive for a thread is limited and large threads become hard to track. It may be easier to split the items into similar lots and list 2/3 threads if you have a lot of things to list eg clothes thread, games thread and a media thread depending on the number of items.

What ever you decide please read the forum rules prior to submitting any posts and take photos of the items as this can help your sale and list item prices etc. I'll lock this thread now to prevent any cross promotion rules breaches, but if you want to check anything further just click on the report icon to the right of my post and one of the online MODs can advise directly. Thanks again

Trading Rules Revised

The Trading Rules were updated on 09/11/2010. If you use the trading … The Trading Rules were updated on 09/11/2010. If you use the trading forums it's in your interests to review. * Click here for more details.

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