How many Mb per hour does PS3 network games use approx???

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Found 4th Jun 2008
I have a 10Gb download limit per month on my internet access, and I'm just wondering how much of that I am using up when playing the likes of PES 2008 or GTA4 on the network. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance


Dont know the exact figures, but the bandwidth used by online games is minor, it has to be otherwise the lag in game would be too terrible to play.

I am fairly confident you could play games all day every day without hitting your limit.;

Its fairly minimal to keep the latency of the game good and stop lag, 10Gb for purely on-line gaming is fine, but once you start donwloading or updates the figures add up quickly.

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Thanks for the comments guys

As far as im aware the only prob would be if you started downloading the demos or extra content but if used purely for online gaming i cant see a problem


Not sure, BF1942 on my PC(A game from 2002) can do about 100mb in two … Not sure, BF1942 on my PC(A game from 2002) can do about 100mb in two hours though, so it may be the same or more than that possible, I'm not sure though, could try email sony?

BF1942 can have 64 players in the same game though so if the PS3 is limited to half or a quarter of that you can probably scale it down a bit to 30 or 15mb/h
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