How many MP3 players do you have?

    I was bored, so i counted the portable devices I have which do other jobs but are technically also MP3 players and I was quite surprised:

    Philips 20gb media/mass storage drive
    Sony K750 phone
    Sony PSP
    Apple Powerbook
    Portable DVD (unbranded ebay special)
    TomTom Go (if you put the software on)
    Compaq Ipaq 3700
    iQube (okay, so this is just an mp3 player!)

    So thats 8 but there might be a couple more, I haven't fully explored my Thermos flasks feature set yet. If I extended this to the non-portable stuff that's plugged in at home, there'd be a rediculous amount. It just seems to me that virtually every modern device has to be an MP3 player as well, it's bizarre!

    So, the bidding starts at 8, do I hear 9..............


    I have all three ipods. A 20gb photo for my car, a 2gb nano for around town and the new 1gb shuffle for when I'm training.

    I also have a 64mb Creative Labs Muvo in a drawer somewhere and I also remember paying £160 for another 128mb MP3 player when they first came out - I think it was a Diamond Rio or something.

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    Greg, that's just 5, very poor, see me.

    1. Ipod nano 2. Ipod video 3. portable hard Drive/ USB MSD 4. Xbox 360 5. XBOX 6.Dell PC 7. SE k750i 8. Motorola RAZR v3i 9.Nintendo DS Lite.10. SonyDSC T10 Camera. LOL maybe more not sure.

    PC, 2x laptops, iRiver MP3 player, ATMT MP3 player, small 1GB MP3 player, 2x cameras, 4x DVD players, DVD recorder !

    I make that 13

    What is the need for so many? They are made portable so they can be taken everywhere.

    ipod 30gb... used to have a 128mb a few years ago, when they were good.
    so i have only 1, need no more than that.

    2 PCs, laptop, Slug, Philips M55, Cowon X5, DLink DSM320RD, MDA Vario, SDA, Xbox, PS2, NDS, Goodmans MP3/CD, Yamada DVD, AndrewBoss DVD... that's what I can remember... sure there is something else, just can't remember what it is.

    Cowon Iaudio 20gb - main mp3 player
    1 PC and 1 Laptop
    Creative Muvo 256mb - now bust and dead
    Alba 128mb mp3 player
    Nokia N70 - mine
    Samsund DVD player in the living room
    Yamada Divx-DVD player in the other room.

    Does rest of family's phones count? if so then other phones in the same building are: -

    Nokia 7600
    Motorola V3i
    Sony Ericsson K750i
    Nokia 6230i

    [SIZE=2]SE w810i and XDA mini S[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]I use the SE as an mp3 player[/SIZE]

    Just seen this thread now, but ill give my input

    Nokia N70
    Nokia ngage
    some 128mb mp3 player from 2003
    saony vaio
    Portable DVD
    2x Sony PSP
    REDGROOVE - 1Gb MP3 player
    Ipaq 1940
    o2 XDA
    There my portable what i can remember, but if going like Kommunist

    I also have
    2 PC's, Xbox, dvd player in room

    I dont seem to sell things, apart from old contract phone which i dont realy sell but give away to dad

    Primarily I use:

    Q-be 1GB (tiny cube device)
    Archos 504 160
    SE W900i

    Quite fancy a smallish flash based drive (4-8GB) to fill the gap in the middle, tried a Creative but hated the software interface so probably going to look at Samsung.

    In total, hmm..what doesn't play mp3s these days?
    Siemens SL45i, SE K700i, SE P900, SPV C500, SPV C600, XDA Mini S, Nokia 6630, Dell Axim X50V, Archos AV340, Sony PSP, Vaio TX1HP, Inspiron 8600, XPS 2, few desktop PCs, consoles, dvd players....

    Xbox 360
    Nokia N-Gage
    Orange SPV M2000
    Orange SPV C500
    512MB Walkman
    DVD Player
    Creative Zen Nomad Xtra

    This is just within my room-around the house there are loads more.

    Do i win?:whistling:

    Xbox 360
    Nokia 6230i
    256 mp3 player
    1gb mp3 player
    Dvd player

    Err, Thats all I can think of for now!

    30GB iPod
    Sony Ericsson S700i
    Motorola Rizr
    DVD Player

    20 and to be honest I find that rather unsettling to say the least

    I have my PC, 4gb iPod and an old 500mb basic one from years ago

    The items that are portable and plays mp3's are:
    iPod Nano (2 GB, 2nd Gen)
    Sony Walkman mp3 Player (1GB + FM Radio)
    IItronics mp3 player (4GB)
    Nokia 6230

    and like the people above the items that can play music:
    2 x PC
    DVD Player

    The only portable thing I have that can play mp3's is my Sony Ericsson K800i - and it's not so much due to wanting to listen to them on the move, more like more of a choice of ringtones.

    Aside from portable, there's my PC, XBOX 360, and DVD Recorder.

    I have an 8 track player, does that count?


    Creative Zen Xtra 30GB
    Creative Muvo 256 (or 512) MB
    Portable DVD Player
    DVD Player

    Stuff that's "mine" anyway - theres a whole bunch of other phones and what not in my family.

    iriver ihp140 - sweet piece of kit, i still get a 12 hr playback from one charge.
    nokia n80 with 2gb
    goodmans mp3/cd thingy
    my alarm clock...

    non portables

    2 dvd players
    2 pc's
    netgear media streamer jobby
    car stereo
    and ye olde sega dreamcast .... oh yes.

    a question which one of these items would i buy for my daughter who turning 13.... any tips, id get a cd player but i dont think she would be happy cheers oh and how much are they its all jargon to me dont wanna spend too much ta

    None, excluding my PCs. I'm not anti mp3 player. They are fine for what they offer but I'm a Mini Disc junkie even though it's an unpopular format.

    The infamous Sony MZ-R50 & MZ-R55 are the very best portable MD players ever produced and these 2 models simply offer superior sound quality over any current mp3 player. I've listen to so many of each and have always prioritised sound quality above all else.

    my iriver plays FLAC files. FLAC i say FLAC! stick that in MD pipe and smoke it.

    my iriver plays FLAC files

    And so does Cowon, Archos and even iPod (With Rockbox firmware). Cowon can play FLAC with stock firmware too.
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