How many people are still buying cds?

Found 25th Nov 2009
The usual huge number of music cds released for christmas but how many are still actually buying these? has downloading taken over? cant remember the last time any of my kids bought a cd-they just buy itunes vouchers and download straight to their ipod touches.

The only artist I really still buy the discs for is bruce springsteen,cos I just HAVE to have everything-everything else I download from itunes or amazon.

So is this the last big christmas for cds? Is downloading your method of choice for music?

Is there an "age group" thing going on where the younger generation download everything and the older ones still buy discs?

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personally i prefer to have physical copies but yeh i download alot of albums. i dont pay mind. lol

depends really- if i can get a cheap (or free) download from amazon i will

but some bands arent available on itunes etc

i have just bought 4 cds and an itunes voucher for christmas :-D

None. Any music I want to buy is prices around £10-£15 per CD and is usually pretty hard to come by. Saying that, I'm tight as a ducks behind anyway. If however all of the music I wanted was around £1-2 per album, I would reconsider my ways

I actually wouldn't mind shelling out £8 for a real cracker of an album made by a great band, but really, how much of that do they see?

I still buy loads (got about 1200 CD's now)

CD's for me as well as its still easier for the car
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