How many people think this years Deals weren't a patch on last years.

    I've found very little to inspire me this year from the deals posted but maybe that's because I'm not after the stuff thats being put up. Do others think the variety and quality is better, worse or the same as in previous years?


    i think theres been a couple of crackers this year but last year was better

    next year dvd will be rock bottom and blurays will be at some nice cheap prices should be a good year


    I think it is because you are not after the stuff which has been greatly reduced.


    I've not managed to get any free 32" LCDs this year, so last year was definitely better.

    Mind you..... got a good deal on the new plasma thats being delivered tomorrow.

    I remember seeing similar threads last year.

    The M&S one was a cracker. Best I've ever managed to lay my hands on. Im always about 10mins too late for the really good ones.

    Bit peeved about the Argos and Tesco gold deals though.:x

    I think not as many people are posting deals because of the amount of stick some people give

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    I have a theory that we've become a victim of our own success. We have so many members now that the volume of people jumping on a deal alerts the companies and they then spot them much faster and pull them.

    the best deal last year and the best one for me on here was the samsung f210 phone on orange. (im sures it was last year and not the year before).

    Just a shame it was broken not long after.
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