How many people use a VPN?

Found 4th Sep 2017
Just want to know how many users on here use a VPN service and what they use it for etc, looking to buy one but not 100% certain if it is worth buying.
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I use Betternet VPN App on my iPhone and iPad. It's been great so far, unlimited and free, which is a plus.

Its mainly used for streaming radio from USA, which is not available on Tunein App here.
I use CyberGhost. I use it to access sites the Nanny State thinks are naughty downloads sites and tries to ban people from viewing.

I'm just doing my bit to protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions in delivery costs
If you are using the internet for illegal, immoral or for services you don't want your ISP to know about, then I'd say yes it is 100% worth it. Unless of course you fancy a hefty fine or some time in jail.
Only thing i use that is deemed that is Kodi to watch whatever, i'm just curious as to how many people use it.
I use airvpn for downloading. The speed is pretty good, I can download at the same speed of my internet without vpn. 76meg.
I use digibit, only £2 a month using a code.
There's lots of free vpn's out there - worth trying them first.

I've used Shadowsocks on my tablet but it is a pain in the backside as it blocks things completely and I have to close and re-open it to get the download working properly.
I use, have done for years, not that i do anything illegal, i just don't like people snooping on my browsing and download habbits
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