how many stamps needed to post a dvd??

Found 27th Jul 2010
please Cant get to the post office
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How heavy is it? Is it just the dvd? In a case? Double Disc?
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well its a pc game normal 1 disc
i think they're 78p ish to send assuming it's a plastic case, 1 disc etc, so 2 x 1st class stamps should cover is it I reckon (2 x 41p)

Otherwise you can always weigh it on the kitchen scales and then look on Royal Mail website.

1st class stamp 41p
2nd 32p
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in case sorry
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aww thanks i might just stick 3 stamps on 2 be safe
2 is fine 1st class
If it is a PC game, does it have the manual in it, that would weigh it down a lot and I would recommend 3 stamps. If no manual, then 2 should be OK.
with a manual 2 will be okay... It wont be more than 250g.
depends on what game...
depends how much data is stored on the DVD....

depends how much data is stored on the DVD....


depends on what game...

LOL ye, depends on amount stored on disc. Right?


Wow, that is brilliant. X)
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haha i posted it with 3 stamps lol
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