How many stamps on my package?

Found 4th Dec 2009
just notice how random that title looks, lol.

anyway, got myself a book of 1st class stamps and wanting to post a bog standard dvd size case (xbox 360 game) in a normal cardboard sleeve/jiffy bag.

without visiting my post office or doing extensive research into size/weight, how many 1st class stamps do i need on this?

2 or 3?
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id put 3 to be on the safe side. postage is normally about 75p
1 large letter stamp should do. post office website seems to indicate the 1st LL is now 62p, regular first class are 37p each, so two normal stamps is enough. if you put it in a padded envelope it could possibly wind up being more than 25mm think in which case it would be a packet and cost more. Also the 62p price is for weight up to 100g which i think ought to be enough put you can weigh it to check.
I can fit about 4 special edition 1st class stamps on my package when I'm feeling "happy"
61p assuming weight is under 100g

When posting games mine seem to vary between 61p and 90p

When posting games mine seem to vary between 61p and 90p

yeah i agree, hence i said 3 stamps, or else the person on the other end might be forced to pay a fee
1st class stamps are 39p
just buy a load of 1p stamps and use two 2nd class stamps and one of the 1p ones on the package

the 1p stamps save you a fortune in not overpricing your parcels.
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