how many times will 1966 be mentioned before England's first world cup game

as title says.
i'm going for 112


i'm going for 1966

And the winner will be decided by what?? Who is expected to count the amount of times??


How many times will Scotland be mentioned?


For the amount of times i have heard it it would have been more fitting to be mentioned so many times in 2016 lol


Lots hopefully. It'll make the chips get even bigger. :w00t:

What prize do I win?

5 ..
.. and 2x saying they won't mention it!!

wouldnt it be nice if scotland just got their own media,and stopped bitching over the garden fence.
absolutely nothing wrong with english commentators talking about england,problem is,through quirks of our british union,scotland has to listen to england talking.
cant you get scottish commentators for STV, or the bbc games,
we dont want you to have to endure our commentators,seriously,just causes resentment
but im sure 'some' scots would hunt down the english commentary anyway,to reinforce their bitterness


the tv will mention it twice the radio will mention it LOADS

Yeah - by Fatty Moyles no doubt.

I say at least One thousand Nine hundred and sixty six times, as already said above.

What happened in 1966?


Probably be the confused duo towns[bell]end and beglin that mention it the most.

Breaking news; Elephant hampers USA plans! bloody terrorist.
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