How may i know the price in euro

    Like chocolates


    The price is 7


    I like chocolates too.

    Chocolates only come in Milk,plain or white not Euros ?

    Google the price £ to Euro

    Waits for Forest Gump reference
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    Ok,thanks a lot


    Chocolates only come in Milk,plain or white not Euros ?Waits for Forest … Chocolates only come in Milk,plain or white not Euros ?Waits for Forest Gump reference

    Stupid is as stupid does???

    what is your question OP? oO

    1.00 EUR = 0.782995 GBP

    Correct at time of posting.

    Download a currency conversion app.


    This should help

    It's form money saving expert a great website for saving cash and consumer issues…815

    For cash i load a Caxton card in £'s and then take the money out on euro's when in a country that uses euro's. There is no fee for this.

    Full details here…ney

    Caxton / fairfax etc make their money on the spread .....the cost they buy money compared to the cost they sell it to you. Their rates are reasonable

    I hope this helps

    Hello I've sent a response but it has gone for moderation. I'm sure it will be with you very shortly

    The general exchange between different currencies ca be found on wesites like
    If you need to convert, then use we sites of Post Office, Travelexchange, M&S etc.

    Like UK, choclates prices can vary by store. Depending on which country you are looking for, find for some major supermarkets and prices there.
    In general, not sure of the Euro country, supermarket and specific choclates you are looking for.
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