How may tries did it take to pass your driving test ?

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just interested how many tries is to many ??
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I think it took me about twenty minutes of driving around town and then about five minutes of questions about the highway code, but this was an awful long time ago!
50 minute drive which involved a 3 point turn on some random car.
I had about 12 lessons, failed first time and passed second. All the best drivers pass on second try.
Passed 2nd time... apparently those that do make the better drivers... more so than your gender
1 and a half year later I passed on my 4th
4 in the house, all 1st time. One of the 4 did have 15 months worth of lessons!
I had about 100 lessons and passed my 4th time! I just used to get so nervous getting in that learner car. But now I think I’m a safe driver and even more so now that I have kids!
Second time should of passed first time though.
Around 15 lessons and passed 1st time with 2 minors. One on 3 point turn for taking more than the usual attempts (but didn’t want to hit the kerb so) and the other was for observation when pulling off from a stop
Passed 4th time.
I see some folks on the road and wonder how they passed. The saying getting licence on back of a cereal packet springs to mind.

22 years later, still clean licence, and no accidents.

I did have a really good instructor, he taught me to drive defensively etc. Not just to pass the test.
I do think if you have kids or have experienced someone young dying. It really changes your attitude to driving. You are extra careful because you don't want anyone to experience what you have gone through and you want to protect as much as possible.
Passed after the 3rd attempt in Italy, though. Lessons and everything were paid by my aunt as a birthday present.

Failed only because the guys examining me were obsessed with correct parking.

Had trouble aligning the car perfectly and didn't pass only because of that

I got a licence at 18 but ended up never driving anywhere and I'm almost 32 now.
10 lessons + some parental practice time on way to work at weekends, passed first time, 2 minors . Was 19, flew out the following week to work abroad and drive on the "wrong" side of road... A big shock i can tell you

Went on to do advanced with IAM, RoSPA gold and various other training handling and advances courses to class1 level. Learning to Drive shouldn't ever stop with passing a test, particularly if ,17
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2 tries. The first time I failed for going through an amber light, I was about 5 metres from the light travelling at 30mph and the light changed from green to amber so I thought if I brake I’m going to end up stopped in the crossroad so I went through it and the examiner slammed on the brakes I’ve now been driving for 10 years and also have a full motorbike license which I’m quite proud of
2 hours weekly, 60 hours in total to cover everything thoroughly, passed theory and practical first time round, was pretty lucky, but was well prepared since had lessons for a whole year
Second time. Failed the first test for speeding People are very quick to tell me I could have had fewer lessons. I regret nothing. I am glad I got that experience behind me and encountered a wide ranges of situations on which I could be instructed how to do things properly. Driving a car is a piece of pee, reading the road properly and what is happening around you and what you are supposed to do is what you are learning.
Passed second time but changed instructors 5 times until i was happy. Should have passed first time but panicked when i was made to do a hill start and i forgot to put car into gear. Then kind of drove along unhappily and left my indicator on for too long after a turn. No idea how many lessons i took though as i was pregnant so took longer than it should have but less than 2 years. Passed theory with full marks in first go
Passed practical on my 8th attempt, never failed any test in my life luckily but when it came to my driving things were the opposite way round. My theory took me 4 attempts. It taught me well though that sometimes it’s useful to pick up a book and not assume you know everything.
Passed on 2nd attempt in 1995 with only 2 minors

1st attempt was abysmal.... 2 majors a 17 minors..... "pull over in safe place" went fine... the fact that I stalled car 20 times trying to pull away and eventually just slammed my foot down and sped out of space without looking behind was the beginning of my downward spiral!

went on to drive Tanks for a living -where looking behind didn't really matter anymore.. cars would stop for me
arcangel1111 h, 40 m ago

Passed on 2nd attempt in 1995 with only 2 minors1st attempt was …Passed on 2nd attempt in 1995 with only 2 minors1st attempt was abysmal.... 2 majors a 17 minors..... "pull over in safe place" went fine... the fact that I stalled car 20 times trying to pull away and eventually just slammed my foot down and sped out of space without looking behind was the beginning of my downward spiral! went on to drive Tanks for a living -where looking behind didn't really matter anymore.. cars would stop for me

I suppose with a Tank, looking in front of you wasn't overly important either!
About 20 lessons and passed first time, but that was among time ago. Husband passed second time. My children passed second and third times . Now you get a fairly comprehensive breakdown of why you fail , so my son could see that he was really close on both of his attempts. The driving instructor told him he didn't need any more lessons and he just had to wait for the next available test time.

I think from my sons experience I would say it's a case of how close you are to passing that dictates if you should carry on. Some people maybe really shouldn't be on the roads , others just have issues with exams etc and their driving is fine at other times . If the list of what you've failed on is huge then I'd rethink if I was ready to take test again without a lot more practise
First time for theory and practical. Only had 4 weeks of lessons too. I’m in my 30’s now.

Drove into London the next day, taught me more about driving than all of the theory and practical.

After about 10 minutes of driving the assessor and I were just having a good chat as he felt relaxed enough as I was driving smoothly and like a normal driver (except within the parameters of a driving test).
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First time
24hrs in total passed 1st time, maxed out on theory , 4 points short on hazard perception, 3 minors at the exam.

Still amazes me that people don't know what national speed limits are by driving 40 on a single carriageway
Second time for me but failed on the first one because examiner told me to take the second exit on the roundabout and ended up on the motorway and examiner said she said straight on at the roundabout which she didn’t!
Passed my test on 3rd try.
On my 2nd test, there was a mini roundabout in middle of street, which was a one way street and I assumed you could go round either side to get ahead and got failed on that. I argued the point relentlessly to no avail.
2 lessons a week for about 9 months ..... passed first time
Theory and practical, Both first time. Lived up to statistics and rammed a BMW a month later!
3 tries -

first fail - changed lane without indicating on an empty roundabout towards the end of the test. No minors

Second Fail - Failed for ‘entering a roundabout without adequately checking for incoming traffic’ I actually contested this one as I could see through a fence on the approach that it was clear , appeal denied ! Two minors for mirror checking.

Third - pass , three minors: mirrors x2 again , bumped the kerb on reverse around corner

Edit: the final test was four years after the second.. I got really pissed off with what happened and stopped and let my theory expire - passed the theory without fail both times. Different test center and instructor on my last test.

Clean licence, no incidents caused - although a lady reversed into my first car and dented the bonnet while I was parked and in the car in an Asda car park !
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1 theory
1 practical

Took me 3 months to do both and pass in October wanted to smash t before they changed it

Had 8 lesson but could drive abit already
Passed Practical 1st time after about 15 lessons
Passed Theory 2nd time after not picking up a book or revising 1st time thinking I knew it all.
One attempt, took ten minutes - went up a hill, did a three point turn, came back and had to parallel park (which I'd never done before ).
Easy pass.

No lessons - just Mum nagging me to slow down, even though I was already way below the speed limit.
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First time pass, obviously.

Learning to drive occurs every day thereafter.
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