How much are my CEX vouchers worth?

Found 9th Jul 2008
Alrite people, need your help here. Got 2x £120 vouchers for sale so £240 in total. Just want a rough idea of how much i would be able to sell it for.. also if there are any interest let me know and i'll post it in the FS/FT area

any help is welcome..and please so silly price people
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prob £215/220 at a guess

prob £215/220 at a guess

i was guessing in the region between £200- £210
just try it in FS/FT and see what happens as long as you have a set amount you would not go lower then, its up to you on whatever offers you get!

prob £215/220 at a guess

i'd go at this too.
alrite thanks for all your input peeps!
One problem is that a lot of CEX prices are so ludicrously high people trade stuff in there BUT some of the selling prices are kinda off-putting.....they do have some decent deals/prices from time to time but it's a chore hunting 'em out.
My guess would be you're only gonna clear 'em to someone that already has something they fancy (phone or console) in mind.
yeh just been browsing their website and a lot of their prices are far too high tbh. But hopefully if someone does have something they fancy they could make a bit of saving.
about £180 IMHO
id say £200 80% then
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