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how much are school photos these days

Posted 19th Nov 2009
hi please can any one let me know how much they paid for there latest school photos as my ex partner as adviesed me that the new school photos are out and given me prices if i wany some but they seem rather high think she may be added some money on for herself rep added for any advice please let me know what you pay and what the package is.
Many thanks
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Hi, my kids school photos were about £26 for the full package,think you get 1 10x 8 photo,3 5x7 , 4 x 3.5" photos,some stamp style photos and a black and white photo.

Hope this makes sense and helps
too mutch and take for ever to arrive iv'e been waiting 3 weeks
thanx chesso xx wont be having them again
We got one big and two bit smaller came to £19.50.

If your not sure just discreetly phone the photographer. They probably even have a website.
it was really expensive this year - nearly £30 for full amount. I honestly think it would be so much cheaper taking them elsewhere with their uniform on

I always buy them as they change so much every year!
The last time my kids had school photos they were £56 for the medium sized package. Extortionate!
Thre was a thread on here not so long ago where everyone listed the prices they were being charged.
Here you are ]https//ww…ces
I have twins daughters at secondary school and the photography does them seperate every year i just paid £32 for each set.
I bought the CD last time for £16. Print off my own then!!
depends which company has took them usually.
The more you get the better value it usually is so with christmas coming you may want to work with her to get the best option to give as presents.
it cost me £20 for 2 big ones and a few small ones(the size that would fit in your purse.) i think the full set was about £32.

I bought the CD last time for £16. Print off my own then!!

£16 for a disk ! Even more expensive
being nosey now, but how much has your ex told you they are?
Please take care!!!

Make sure the samples don't fall into a scanner by mistake!!!

No, really!!

We just buy 1 of the cheapest, scan it in and get em printed at Photobox
cheers every one ive giving out rep to most but it says i have give out to much and cant give out any more for 24 hours i appreciate or your comment many thanks
Ours have just had theirs done at school with Tempest and it was £19.50 for a family pack. Can't remember exact contents but think it was 1 large, 2 medium, 4 small and then some bookmarks and wallet prints, didn't think it was too bad for what you got, all come with mounts.
School pictures are normally done by these people tempest-schools.co.uk/Pro…spx

if you go on there you can see the prices
Our school was about £35 for the full package including the image on disc.

They are very very expensive.

being nosey now, but how much has your ex told you they are?

£25 - £40 depending on package so i guess about right ish

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