How much are Scrubs dvds worth?

    I am trying to raise some spending money for my holiday next month so looking through things to sell. I have all the series (1 - 6) of scrubs dvds, which i bought but havent even got round to watching yet so they are still new. Any idea how much i could get for them if i sell? Thanks x


    i think they could be had for about 11 per series in a thread from a while back

    edit: make that 12.99 each for series 1-4, probably a bit more for 5 and then a bit more again for 6

    I'd be interested in Series 3-6 if you decide to sell them.

    ill be interested in all if you decide to sell them.

    pinkkitty2007 - compare the new ones here:

    as with everything they are worth whatever you can get for them

    if you did decide to sell i would trade my poirot dvd's plus cash for them
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