How much are second hand HD-DVD Drives worth?? EXPIRE PLEASE MODS...

    I've got a mint and boxed Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive with about 15 films, most of which are sealed as I never got round to watching them!!!

    Roughly how much is it worth? £80??

    Or am I better off listing on Fleabay?

    Cheers guys, off to work now, look forward to some advice when I get back in at 10ish. lol


    well the player is going for £25 now days.

    15+films in total id say around £60 incuding the player obviously.

    if you are near or in Leicester I would be interested...

    Depends on the HD DVD's I guess - obviously ones such as Matrix Trilogy, Planet Earth & Heroes will bump up the price considerably. It would make a great start for anyone looking to build a collection especially with the bonus of several sealed titles so can't see any harm in listing at around £75-£80 and bargaining from there. Adjust price accordingly should you have the likes of PE, MT, Heroes etc!

    i would probably say flebay it and with a starting price of £80 you ,could get quite a bit of money for it

    Tree fiddy? Are you actually selling or asking for advice?

    What HD DVDs are there?

    Is this for sale.


    Is this for sale.

    I think his just asking is it worth 80, more or less.

    Original Poster

    Cheers for the help guys, rep added.

    I think I'll list it for a day or two on here first and if no takers for a reasonable amount, I'll have to resort to fleabay.

    Will be listed at about 10ish tomorrow morning if any one is interested!!!

    Expire this please mods!!!

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