How much are Wii's worth?

    I have a Wii and about 10 games, 2 controllers, buzz etc...

    How much are these things worth?


    Really depends on the games you have, some games are much more expensive than the wii itself.

    The consoles sell for around £25 - £40 at CEX depending on the model, condition and whether it is boxed. link

    As for the games - I it will depend on which games you have.
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    agree with the above, you probably get around 30-50 for it depending on the condition etc.

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    Thanks everyone

    Games will make a huge difference to the value! if its mainly first party mario, zelda stuff ect you will get a fair. If not i'd agree with £30 - £50

    If you have mario party you're on to a winner.
    look up the individual games each, sell the high value ones on their own. Bundle the fodder with the console and expect about £50 tops.

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    I think I have Zelda at least.

    Make a list of your games here and you might be able to sell them


    Not worth much. I bought a second Wii from Cash Gen for £15. They tend to also have for £10 too.
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