How much can i sell this PC for?

Processor quad core AMD 650 2.8 ghz
Memory: 4gb (ddr2 800 2x2Gb )
Graphics card: Zotac GTS 250, 1Gb 256bit ddr3
Hard Disk: 500gb (Seagate barracuda 7200)
Motherboard gforce 6100 pm-m2 v 7.0
Power supply 700W ATX 12v
Wireless lan 54mbps PCI adapter/2.4GHz
Samsung DVD Read/Write
Case- Super cool turbine gamer case (has a fan at the front with lights and on the side another fan with lights)
Windows Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate - 30 days trial.

Space for quite alot of expansion.


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I know of the 7 day wait.


the case
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You'll have to provide documentary proof of the OS being purchased prior to any resale here.

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:-D no o/s. included.
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On this note asb when will i recieve the amazon voucher and has my tshirt been dispatched.
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Thread locked. I'll post an update in the fo.lk competition page when I have further information tomorrow.

I'm closing this valuation thread down. The OP has changed when challenged for reasons familiar to the member.

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