Found 5th Jun 2010
... for a Panasonic Viera 42" Plasma with the proper stand. Model is TH-42PZ700B.

Any ideas?

Currently it needs a circuit board replacing, but if I get it fixed I want to know if I'm likely to recoup the cost through selling it ... or if I should just sell it as faulty.

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Can't you look on eBay and see how much there going for 'faulty' and how much they go for working good condition?! X

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Tried that :-) Its not common model ... I can get some idea with similar models I suppose. Prob gonna cost around £300-400 to repair - just can't decide if its worth it :-(

Gawd that's alot to repair a tv ya can nearly buy a brand new one for that lol.. A think ya stil might get quite abit for it even tho it's faulty a mean every faulty phones go for £100.. How long you has the tv? X

Meant to say *even

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Had it a few years now ... so it's passed warranty.

It's a VERY good TV though, couldn't get that quality for £400 so am thinking the repair cost is still worth it. But I'm not sure someone would pay £100-200 as faulty to then have to shell out another £400 to fix it.

If it's a good tv they will.. Even if they pay £400 to get it fixed and buy it off ya for £100-200 or you pay it £400 to get it fixed then you get £500-£600 for it it works put 6 and 2 3's dnt it lol x


that is one super fugly tv mate...

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Looks OK on its stand to be honest ..
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