How much could i get for Tom Clancy

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Found 11th May 2009
How much do you reckon i would get for Tom Clancy's Endwar if i traded it in, its still sealed!

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depends on what format really

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Its PS3

i remember trading in a sealed game, i got the same price for it as if trading in a used game. sounds ridiculous to me. So try trading it, if they say that they only accept the same price as a used copy, AND you agree to their price, then open the game infront of them and then trade it in. Thats what i did, f***ing gamestation.


ok i'd say you could just about get £10 on here as its £13 new at shopto


i always use [url]www.tradeyourstuff.co.uk[/url] and [url]www.cex.co.uk[/url] when trying to find out how much id get for my games to trade-in - then if I can be bothered take them into gamestation and ask them to price match

FYI - this would give you approx £12 cash at tradeyourstuff which isnt bad considering it can be bought for 13 and shopto..

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trade your stuff will give me £7.71 and CEX will give me £6
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