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how much data does whatsapp use per month?

Posted 28th Jun 2013
Just wanted to know if anybody knows roughly how much data does whatsapp use per month? my contract finishes soon and I am trying to cut costs.. do I really need an unlimited data plan? . I do the odd browsing but a regular user of whatsapp..?
thanks in advance
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Check in your phones settings menu under data usage if you are on Android. Only you can give an accurate figure to how much you use. If you send a few messages a day it wont but much, if you cant be off it for more than 5minutes then it will be a lot more. Also check your data usage information on recent bills as this gave a good gauge for upgrading my other halves contract that 500mb was more than enough for their excessive texting, FB, whats app and other messenger apps, they seriously send 2000-3000 sms messages a month at times.

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depends on how many images you view pictures everyone updates for their contact etc should not be aloy compared to the fb ap
My Viber uses 3mb a month, but I only use it a couple of times a day.
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