How much difference does extra RAM make?

Posted 29th Nov
I am looking to purchase a Samsung S5e tablet as part of Black Friday and am torn between getting the 64GB version that comes with 4GB RAM and the 128GB version that has 6GB RAM. I'm not that clued up on tech specs so I was wondering how much of a difference the extra 2GB RAM will make?

I'll mainly be using it for browsing, watching videos and playing Football Manager Touch. Is it worth the extra £50 to get the extra strorage and RAM?
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As you can put in a microSD card with up to 512 MB I wouldn't bother to pay the £50 extra. Also , 4GB memory should be enough.
Android (especially Samsungs custom versions) is notoriously bad at managing ram compared to IOS. If I were you I’d go for the 6GB version. It will make for an overall smoother experience, especially when switching between apps or having more than 5 tabs open in a browser. It’s better to future proof yourself when it’s “only” an extra £50.
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At only £50 I would pay for the extra RAM/Storage as Android is a bit of a memory hog.
Generally speaking not enough memory for the apps you want to run produces significant slowdowns.

On the other hand additional memory beyond what you need have very little impact on performance.
In general androids need at least around 3GB ram to function well, 4GB one will not leave much overhead, as recommended above go with the 6GB, also will make a little bit more future proof. Not sure how aggressive Samsung OS is on closing background apps. Not sure how much this is to buy but from my experience an android tablet is not a great experience as an iPad as the apps and Android itself is optimised for a tablet experience. For phones I think Android is moving ahead of iOS especially with some of the tweak that manufacturers add in.
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