How much do DealsPwn admins get paid for advertising crap deals?

    The latest NFS Shift 2 "deal" from GAME especially pee'd me off.

    There are quite a few places cheaper than them, yet the "deal" page explicitly states that "if you’re a pre-ordering type, then Game have the best offer for you. £37.99."

    I could point out hundreds of deals that follow the same pathetic nature (Modern Warfare 2 on PC for £20 the other week for example).

    So is this HUKD blog basically all about the commisions they get from other sites/companies?


    lol don't know
    Edited by: "Xiwt" 24th Feb 2011

    Blogs = Money!!!

    Bout tree fiddy

    This site has always been purely about commision.

    The reason why amazon used to always get preferential treatment over any retailer.

    You didn't think this whole site and the subsidiarys were setup just to help people do you?
    Its always been about commission!
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