How much do indian call center workers get paid ?

Found 26th Nov 2017
I telephones VM and got through to an indian call center, the lady was very friendly and competent i just wondered how much her wages are.
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All relative. The wages are good for India but they are cheaper than employing someone here. They wouldn't have call centres in India if they could employ better people cheaper here.
From an article I read

'While a typical wage earner earns 5,000 rupees a month, a call center employee takes in as much as 15,000 rupees (300 dollars).'
They earn between 250k to 450k indian rupees a year which is about £5k a year (About 21k to 28k a month)... but in india 450k is pretty tight.... not super rich but comfortable living

1 bed apartment in a city is about 12k a month
A Bottle of coke is about 28 rupees
A load of bread is about 26 rupees
2 people eating in mid range restaurant is 600 rupees
Gym for 1 person is about 1,400 rupees a month
A Pair of jeans is about 2300 rupees

As you can see even though its thousands of rupees the amount to buy things is a LOT too ...

Sources for Salaries:…obs
Sources for cost of living:…dia
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