How much do new CD albums cost in HMV stores these days?

Its been a while since I've actually been into HMV to look for new albums and with the release of Newton Faulkner's, Paramore's and Breaking Benjamin's new albums today I was thinking about getting the CD copies for these instead of downloading them.
So how much are they instore? Rough prices if not the exact price. Thanks.


Usually around £8.99 or £9.99


Usually around £8.99 or £9.99

bout this, sometimes(depending on the artist) they do them for £6.99 for a week usually not th big names though

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Cheers guys, thats what they are on the HMV site but I wasnt sure if instore they would be up to nearer £12.99 which is kinda expensive just for music.
Might take a wee trip into town later
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