How much do you drink??

    I.E. booze lol x


    etc etc??


    probably on a fri nite 3 whiskys and a saturday about 4 whiskys


    only drink when I go out on the raz.

    Are you worried you drink too much?

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    Are you worried you drink too much?

    Not at all lol was having a conversation with some friends on Friday about it and wondered what everyone else was like lol x

    I'm partial to a glass of wine in the evenings a few times a week depends on the day ive had haha x

    I havent had a drink in interest in it anymore....

    only on a weekend when I have company, rarely alone...unless i'm really tee'd off with something and need a drink lol

    approx 1-2 bottles lager a month.

    on a night out about 10jds....straight or with dry ginger

    a glass/bottle of wine on occasion.........when at home

    Drinking now. :oops: If there is lots going on I may drink everyday but some weeks I wont drink at all.

    im drinking now too.. used to have loads, but that was going out most weekends too. i dont anymore. still enjoy a drink.. but prone to being down so usually reach for something.. not a 'get drunk' drinker tho.

    Usually at least 3 or 4 times a week, only 2 or 3 bottles of beer on school nights, at weekends I'm prone to over-indulge (think I had a whole box of budweiser on Saturday - it's not big and it's not clever)

    I only ever drink if im out at someones party,not really a drinker.

    Never :shock:

    Haven't drank for about 7 years now. :-D

    When I go out. Like yesterday, 50p a pint of cider. I have the worst hangover in the world for it!

    I'm a typical binge drinker :-D. Usually drink heavily socially at weekends and maybe a couple of pints during the week in the pub. Never drink alone though.

    Very rarely, I never drink indoors - besides once in a blue moon.

    Prefer to drink when I'm out some place.

    Someone want to make me a full english brekkie?

    Never have, never will

    I dont even like the smell of the stuff. My parents will have a (weak) shandy or (weak) snowball at christmas - but I wont even drink any of the non-alcoholic versions of wine etc they make.
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