How much do you pay for your Virgin package?

    I pay £50 for Phone (medium), TV (XL) and Broadband (XL). Is that too much? How does that compare with the rest out there?


    my deal they tryed to up the price after 6 months after agreeing 6 months at 30 then 6months at 36.50
    i got the agreed contract in the end.
    med phone, l tv and xl bb.
    coming to an end soon ,
    so also intrested in what offers they have at moment!

    I pay £0 for XL Broadband and XL TV

    I canceled my contract ages ago and they never stopped providing the service, I do have it in writing though that my contract has been canceled

    I don't have a package but I pay £10 a month for the broadband from them.

    I phoned them yesterday as my 12 months is nearly up and asked what deal they could offer as I am considering going to Sky - they gave me Talk Unlimited, XL TV and M broadband for £37.50 as long as I signed up for another 12 months (same package as I was on but £10 per month cheaper).

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    Anyone come up with a better alternative.

    10MB broadband, and large phone for £16

    v+, normal box, talk 24, 10mb bb, xl tv with movies and sports £56 a month.

    v+, additonal box, m broadband, phone line and xl tv with movies and sports £59 month, the v+ box was free also no £150 for installation etc.

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    anyone got special mobile deals included

    Same with every company, phone through to the mac code department (if you have broadband) right there and then they will give you the cheapest price you can, as the call centre staff work on commision but only get it if you agree not too switch providers.
    will knock at least 10 quid off your bill plus probably get a few freebies.
    also you dont have to be out of contract to switch providers so you can do it anytime during your contract

    £20.01p for XL TV (With movies, sports, and setanta) + XL Phone (free calls 24/7) + M broadband. (1p is for the broadband)

    I think my ex flatmate just had basic internet, and tv and 1 meg broadband and paidlime £50 a month.

    2mb Broadband, Talk unlimited evenings and weekends plus basic TV channels £20 a month.

    i pay bout £60 a month for phone line with free weekend calls, xl tv and movie channels, m broadband, v+ box and 2 normal boxes for bedroom's as well as gettin a free wireless router all from ringing up saying im thinking of canceling and going some where else, b4 i was payin almost £100 a month for the above package wiv out the free wireless router now saving myself £40 a month and £40 for router.

    I pay £25 for 4-10 mb bb (currently 4mb) and £10 for 300 min & txt sim. Total £35 but I get 2 different bills

    I tried ages ago to try and get my bb cheaper but they said the only thing or best thing they could offer me would be adding the landline paying £11 for that and £16 for my bb, total £27

    I dont want a landline as there is one already in my house and my mum has sky mutli room so no need for the virgin tv either.

    Anybody think I I should be able to get a deal or know of anybody with similar services to me that got a good deal ?
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