How much do you reckon this laptop is worth?

    Just wondering how much you think this laptop is worth, im thinking of selling just want a few ideas

    Intel mobile celeron 2.4ghz
    2gb RAM
    windows xp with cds
    256 intel graphics card
    goo sound card
    60gb hard drive
    80gb external hard drive
    Wireless card


    probably about 300 max, its a bitch but they are coming down in price rapidly. not 4 me thanks, i like my office chair to much

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    thats more than i thought it was worth anyway
    just wondering
    thanks mate

    I'd think it was worth a bit less, seeing as its a single core and its a celeron.

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    How much would you think?

    200 i reckon

    200-220 depending on condition maybe up to 250.

    why dont you look at the completed items on ebay?
    I think that ebay is generally the measure of the true value of items in the second hand market place.
    They show a current true value of any item i think.

    seeing as you can get a brand new dell with much better spec for £316 delivered I would say £200 for a lesser spec second hand machine would be optimistic

    not much being a celeron £150 tops

    Need a little more detail - what laptop model is it? From the specs you've listed it sounds like it's an older P4 based Celeron, if that is the case then to be honest I don't think the laptop is worth much more than 50-80 pounds, I think the above prices are wildly optimistic. The Celeron 2.4ghz processors were well known for their poor performance, they were also coupled with the Intel Extreme 2 graphics card which is an exceptionally poor graphics card even for integrated. The hard drive is also very small, even budget machines normally have double.

    Given how low a brand new machine is, I really don't think the machine is worth much at all. Of course there's a difference between what it's worth and what it will get on ebay, they often go for a lot more money that you'd expect.
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