How much do you think my PC is worth.

I have a little PC sitting in my wardrobe and a friend has expressed an interest (but not a price). So what is it worth.

Shuttle ss56gv3
P4 3.2ghz prescott
1gb ram
320gb HDD
Onboard graphics only

Although it didn't have an 'official' os I could dig up an XP disc if pushed. I'm just offering this to a friend so i'm not looking for any offers.


A friendship?

A few pints down the pub!:thumbsup:

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Not that close a friend, so i'd prefer to gouge him for all it's worth. :whistling:

If you were to buy the parts or equivalent new, assuming it also has a dvd drive your looking at about £150 givortake %15
Minus second hand devaluation, bear in mind if you charge too high it will look v bad if this thing blows up in a month, cos fans and psu's for shuttle cases aint cheap so would be binable
A " good deal to a friend i would ask 60-80 for this "as is"

Looks like the best option would be to use it for something else like media centre. Unless you are set on selling it

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Looks like the best option would be to use it for something else like … Looks like the best option would be to use it for something else like media centre. Unless you are set on selling it

I was going to use it as a Media Centre but the frankly pathetic Shuttle 200w PSU isn't powerful enough to support any of the dedicated HD graphics cards and a new one is too expensive.

I may just dump a load of free software (virus checker, firewall, openoffice, ect) to get it looking really flashy then see how much he's willing to pay, if anything. It has a few really nice bits like a DVD burner with brushed metal bezel and 5.1 optical out.

And it looks like this.
So is fairly nice looking.

You can build a similar specification PC as that but with a Core 2 Duo Processor and larger hard-drive for around £200 new. So I am guessing you should be charging him less than that. I would probably tell you to change the drive to a smaller one and charge him like £120 for it.

Even that might be a little steep though. But then again you have to charge him for the time you gonna spend on it, sorting it out, cleaning it up and basically the lifetime warranty you going to end up offering him. You know if he has any issues it will be your doorstep he will be on hehe.

Yea, if he's not that clue'd up, he could be bringing it over every time somethings goes wrong with it.
Hardware failures, Viruses etc etc.

I'd say £100 max, but the hassle it could cause is more than its worth imo

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I seem to end up the defacto IT guy for all my family and friends computer problems. The amount of times i've saved someone the cost of a new replacement PC by doing something as simple as swapping a duff PSU.

My Uncle set up his own PC without my help but forgot to put in any kind of Firewall or Virus checker and now is wondering why he's having problems. :?

I have a PC and laptop and it's not doing anything but gather dust so I may just give it to him (my friend), or at least propose a swap of some kind. :roll:
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