How much do you think this is worth??

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Found 14th May 2008
Not sure if this is the right place to put this but though FS/FT wouldn;t be as just looking for an idea at the minute.

Just got an xbox 360 and already have a wii so looking to sell my redundant ps2

Its been chipped so can play backups etc and comes with loads of "evaluation" discs. probably around 150 although i've had it for so long i've lost count!

Its a old style fat ps2 and comes with three controllers, the buzz buzzers, eyetoy and the network adaptor on the back to play online. Also have two memory cards and all the leads etc etc

Any help appreciated!

If i can't put this here please feel free to move the right section or delete!!

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Well given that it's not legal to sell backups you're looking at perhaps £40 for the console/leads, another £20 for the extras if your lucky/

agree with sean campbell on his valuation and if you do list here make sure you dont mention 'back up' games as these are not allowed here

Where are you located m8?

Postage is around £6 with parcels to go or through hometextiles on ebay, which in turn is dhl! So postage is not a problem. I think I sold mine for £55 on here including deliver so valuations are around the right mark maybe a tad too low if anything!

you willing to split i only want eye toy ????

mate stick it on ebay even after fees etc you'l still make more from on here and not have the hassle of people constantly asking you to split, mentioning back ups, moaning about postage and generally offering crazy low amounts.

find a good cheap courier as harlzter mentioned and get it on ebay to get the best price for it.

well a slim line with4 controllers, buzzers and games just went for 50 quid and 12 pound posatge plus ebay fees and pay pal fees lol so is it worth it when yours is the fat ones and back up games ???

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Thanks guys! I would be hoping for slightly more (around the £80 mark) so I think an ebay one day listing will probably be the best bet!

looking to put th proceeds towards a psp s which i probably will get from someone on here as they go fro really good prices!

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@tgb - I'm in sunderland

@vicknanth - Just looking to sell as one big package at the minute. Thanks for the offer though!

Also rep left for people being helpful!

Selling pirated games is illegal - locking thread.

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