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How much Does a Limousine Cost to Hire

Posted 26th Jul 2013
If you want to hire a limousine for a cheap price.. aroud how much would you have to pay?
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Really is a local thing. Some will do offers slightly cheaper prices or add on extra items such a certain size bottle of bubbly etc.

I tend to use for long trips around the country as they are more comfortable and saves me driving and pay around £200-£300 a time but that is return and the car driver waits around in the place / town you are in. For a "prom" etc one night event prob £300-£500 even thought they take the limo 'back to base' as they are local. Some Limos that a going a little further out of their area will actually stay there and drive around 'promoting' their business - why not!? Also depends on what car too as there are now 4x4 limos which some seem to like. Again, relating to the 'prom' example if £400 for 10 people then it works out at £40 each which is not bad for a 'one-off' e.g. graduation.
Thanks a lot.. so the cheapest one you know is around £40.., thanks
If you have a little time to research just search on Google "limo hire [LOCATION]" e.g. "Limo hire London" and you will see plenty for London and pretty cheap in and around London as there is much competition. Rather ironic that limo hire is cheaper in one of the most expensive parts of the country serving people with higher (considerably perhaps?) levels of disposable income.

Just put together a paragraph of text of what you want, where, dates etc, no. of people and copy and paste it in to a contact us box on a website or email. All you need is 10 local ones who then quote you (might vary greatly) and see what extra they provide 'added-value' and then see who is cheapest and who is most expensive. Short list the 'list' and you may have liked the look of the cheapest one anyway but if you liked the one who has quoted a higher price them say you have already been quotes £XXX from another business (probably best not to mention the name) and I am sure they will realise the can do it slightly cheaper and probably attempt to convert your interest to a sale.

Hope this is useful.
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