how much does carpet and installation cost? where do i buy?

Found 25th Nov 2014
looking to re-carpet my room and was just wondering where to look and how much installation is?
room is approx 5-6m and already has carpet in?
how much does this stuff cost? many thanks

based in london, so im guessing quite alot of competition..
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Have you tried the services / ads in your local free paper?
What about Thomson Local or Yellow Pages?
are people unable to research anything for themselves these days?

are people unable to research anything for themselves these days?

it was more for the: dont use these guys, or average cost for such room not buy from there and this carpet with this person.
i always go to my local market first they have the cheapest of the cheap if your on a budgeT or you can get the better stuff when i did my house i compared all the carpets i wanted against all the big companies and a few little shops market cheapest

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Average decent carpet is around 10m2 and installation around £2m2. Stick to local shops or independents you will get a better deal.
I wouldn't use carpet right , overpriced and silly fitting cost then they add silly extras on top.
Guessing yours would be 6m long x 4m wide = 24m2 . £240 then fitting £48 = £288.
Get them to take the old carpet to as some companies want extra. Go to a few shops and haggle, not just the first one u walk into.
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