how much does it cost to get married in a church in scotland?



    I honestly don't have any idea, don't you just donate 'xx' to the church fund ?

    Probably about 10 times less than it would in England.…417
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    I know it's £130 to get married in a registry office .... Thought it … I know it's £130 to get married in a registry office .... Thought it depends on the church tbh ... They won't all charge the same

    yea and u needa hire the room yea?

    they emailed me that saying cheapest room 300

    When we got married, a long time ago, we asked the Reverend from the local Church of Scotland if he would marry us in a hotel. He did and when we asked what the charge was he just asked for a donation for the church - and hinted how much he liked whiskey!!
    So it was a cheque in an envelope for the church and a bottle of single malt for him!! Everyone was happy!

    Call up the local church/es and see, I suspect they all have different rates.

    Getting married in the Church of Scotland is free.
    If there is an organist, then you may be asked to pay for them - about £40-50.
    The minister will not charge you for his/her time.
    You may be asked to make a donation to some fabric fund etc.
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