How much does it cost to pay USD cheques into HSBC current account?

Found 20th Feb 2010
^ as per title really, I've had a look at the site but can only see info on getting an international account - Can I pay USD cheques into a regular current account and if yes does anyone know how much they charge?

Thank you
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If its similar to being paid directly by foreign currency, usually a £1.50 conversion charge then what ever the rate is between two currencies
this can be a tricky process depending on the banks process, It can take up to 8 weeks for some banks to clear foriegn cheques. And you will often only get the Exchange rate at the time of transfer (which could be any time)

your bank (HSBC) also has the right to withdraw the cleared funds at any time, if you pay in regular foriegn cheques, you will be able to get a reduced clearance time.
they take a fee £5 last time I did it which was around 2years ago.
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