How much does it cost to replace a door frame? *Pictures Added*

Posted 25th Mar 2008
My idot flatmate some how managed to lock himself out of his room, and locked himself inside the house.

So he decided to break the door to his room down and the door frame is majorly busted!

His deposit was £238, so I'm just wondering if someone contracted to replace the frame would charge less or more than that. If it's more I'll probably end up losing my deposit. If thats the case I'll make him pay for the whole repair before we move out.

Honestly, he's such a nightmare.. Got back today after a 3 hour train ride so an absolute bomb site. Not happy!
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I have smashed open a few doors in rented places before due to lost keys etc, half an hour spent fixing the frame with glue and hard as nails and a few coats of paint after sanding it down sorts it out nicely. If your landlord is anything like the ones I had when I was a student, they dont care about anything but your money and never come round to fix things when needed, so why do a decent repair job that'll cost a bomb when a quick fix will sort it out nicely? As its an internal door security isnt too much of a prob- it just shows how **** the lock was if he could get through the door with just a bit of a boot!
I'll take some pics tomorrow and maybe someone can tell me what's best..
I believe Nottingham City Homes is just shy of £500.


awwww get yoursell a bit of wood glue, sorted
You reckon! We can even push it back together so it lies flush if you know what I mean!
Yep, take out any loose bits of wood from the inside or else it won't be flat, fill the gaps in as detailed above. The gloss paint- about £3 a pot from Wilkinsons- brushes on so unevenly that it'll look 'bad as new'. With the chip-paper wallpaper and cables tacked on, I doubt the landlord will ever notice, if he does i'm pretty sure 'well, never noticed that- must have been a previous tenant' will cover you.... it's only a white lie, honest!

hehe, I remember banging fairly lightly on a cheapo double glazed window with the palm of my hand and the entire inner pane shattering... cleared all the glass out of it and the landlord never noticed it was down to just the outer pane! I didn't feel guilty as the landlord was taking £1000 a month off us and wouldn't sort out the mould in the shower, the leak in the porch, the grotty carpets everywhere. Thank god those days have gone (goes back to sit in the front room of his 16th storey penthouse in central Cardiff)!
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