How much does it cost to transfer a call on your mobile?

    Im just wondering how much it costs to transfer mobile calls. For instance I work at home oncall - we have two mobiles phones with calls coming through to the Primary but if you are busy on that it then transfers to the backup and then on to a call logging centre. So if a call comes in do Orange get the money from the call going from phone A thru phone B to call centre for the duration of the call, plus the money from phone B thru to the call logging centre to the end of the calls duration? If so in effect they are getting paid twice and in effect its costing my company double the money.

    I have been tempted to stick my own pay as you go backup sim in phone A with a fiver on to see how long it lasts. Or is it just a case of once the connections made the charge stops? What happens if a phone is off, do you pay for the cost of where the call gets diverted to? ie if my phone is off but Ive diverted it to my home number and someone calls through for 10 minutes do I get billed for 10 mins of mobile call as well as them getting billed for the call to my mobile?


    They will get billed for the cost of the call to your first phone and you will get billed for the call from your first phone to the second phone. :thumbsup:

    One way to do it if it's for business use is to get an 07005 personal number from ]here you can then divert it to any landline or mobile. There is no cost to you but it costs more for people to call you than it would a normal mobile number, if it's companies calling you then it doesn't matter. I just don't give the number to friends or family.
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