How much does the Daily Mail cost please? Is this a good deal?

    Had an offer through the post today - £100 of M & S vouchers when you have The Mail delivered to your home for 6 months.

    Just wondered if it is worth it??


    think its 40p-do you need to pay for the delivery too?

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    Would think so yes but not sure how much they charge

    its around 90 if you take unto account the price of weekend papers on top of 40p a day, for 6 months. so unless you really like the daily mail, its not that great

    45p for the Daily Mail

    Daily Mail defo not worth it

    Love what Frankie Boyle said on Mock the Week:
    "The Daily Mail - racist in public so you dont have to be"

    Plus you get free membership to the Anti-Russell-Brand-Club!! ;-)

    The B.N.P's members list is available online, so no need for a subscription to the Daily Mail.

    Brilliant - The Daily Mail worth every penny.;-)

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    Can't say i've ever read it but dont think i'll bother with the offer. Will cost too much plus you only get the vouchers once the 6 months is done and i would want them sooner than that!

    Thanks for the replies xx
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