How much does the UK...?

    How much does the UK raise in direct/indirect taxation every year? Add VAT, fuel duty, etc and I'm imagining it would be a colossal amount. Does anyone know of sources for these figures? What about its expenditure...where does it all go? Is there a breakdown somewhere? I would suspect that given the amount of money raised, we ought to have first class services in fields of health, transport, etc., but very rarely does that happen here. For e.g., I think road tax alone raises around £50 billion per year, but less than 10% of it goes back into the infrastructure.

    Your thoughts please.


    lined their pockets probs

    maybe it will all come out in the end just like the expenses???

    We spend 133 billion on benefits every year ,Thats why we are such an atractive place to come…tml

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    Dang...that is a fair whack...

    Jobs for the boys?:whistling:

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    I guess this answers it.

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