Posted 10th Dec 2022
Hope you don’t mind me asking but I was wondering what your energy usage is at the moment.Just looked at my usage and I’m shocked as to how much we’re using.I pay £234 a month and I’m currently £700 in credit but last week was nearly £100 for the week.I’m with Bulb and use a smart meter.
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    Working in houses some don't have the heating on. Freezing and I'm struggling with it. I do worry about burst pipes if this weather keeps up for some.
    Re cost.
    Gas and electricity was £298 last month and I'm expecting nearer £350 for December and January.
    Standard tariff. Currently 20c inside our home.
    Can't do anything about it but have put the government money towards heating. We all have the £66 this month and next few. Some will get way more so I hope they put that towards energy cost and not other things.

    £10 a day seems OK if we come in at that. Crazy though. Many failings lead us to this (edited)
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    Boils my wee wee to think the energy producers are boasting of record profits whilst the rest of us suffer (and in some cases put our health and lives at risk by not turning the heating on)

    Hope karma catches up with the chief execs of said companies
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    Average it out. There are 12 months in the year. For around 3, we use a lot of energy. For another 2 or 3, we use some energy. for most of the year, we use little energy if we are careful and make choices.

    We have some energy. A lot in Ukraine have none.

    Daresay this post will get deleted by mods but those who give no consideration to the plight of others will have their thoughts left intact
    I totally agree - I'm not overly concerned with energy use - will keep the heating on when it's needed. We worry about our costs going up £20/30 a week yet I bet many of the same people are happy to spend this several times over on 'deals' across this site. Cut back on gadgets etc and turn the heating up and stay warm
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    48993856-LwxIt.jpgElectric 43 nighttime 16p

    Gas 3.2p locked until 8/23

    As you can see will be about 5.00 gas per day next winter
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    £55 for the last 7 days data. I’m off next week so could be more. Also if I have company I end up spending more.
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    £120 for past 8 days, crazy
    Its called winter and the price for supporting an invaded country. Many prefer higher bills at home to seeing their kids shipped out to the front line.
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    £10 per day (for gas and elec) at the moment. (edited)
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    £4.97 per day (on average) over the last 7 days plus standing charge. Highest it has ever been.
    (Gas and electric - no other heating) (edited)
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    £100 a week this week and expected at least this if the frost continues (was around 60 a week up until this cold spell) - gas 8p and elec 13.5p so not as expensive as some. But old large house, large family (including vulnerable so can't choose to leave heating off and put an extra jumper on). Heating is on between 9-12 hours a day
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    £40 electric a week.
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    not sure tbh what is the point stressing about it that much ?
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    Highest week so far has been £43, that's for gas, electric and standing charges. Expecting it to be higher for this week when I do my weekly reading tomorrow 🙈
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    Using over £15 per day now, heating set at 20 degrees
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    We're in an old 1960's 3 bed semi. Using £100 a month on elec and about £100 on gas. Heating on 8hrs ish at 17/19'c on the dial. Paying total near £220pm DD. Main aim is to not be in debt come April's price rise.
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    Aprx £70/£80 Per Week

    1930’s Semi No Cavity Wall - Solid Brick.

    I would have in future external insulation , only brick covered though not rendered would ruin appearance. And there lies problem I think for most. (edited)
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    You use more in winter, less in summer, over the year it equals out.
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    Electric for November but can’t seem to get the gas one up but roughly £70 for November
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    About £8 a day. Heating only one room.
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    All electric one bed flat, £150 a month is just about keeping me on top of the bills, only have two storage heaters on Econ7 and a small electric radiator for exceptionally cold days. Have a heated towel rail in the bathroom but never use it and have a wash at the hand basin to save running the shower. Oven only gets used for 30mins a day. BT Hub is the only thing left on all day. (edited)
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    Electric around £28 a week . The heating is on LPG and I think we've used around £70 worth this last week. Heating is set at 18 degrees for 14 hours a day. Only been here a month but home must be well insulated as after being off for 10 hours overnight the lowest the temperature as dropped to is 15 degrees.
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    Our heating is on from 8am until 9.30pm @ 20 degrees, I upped it from 19 degrees last week.
    Just the 2 of us in a 3 bed house, it was a prefabricated one built in late 40's after the war.

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    Im a severely disabled Army veteran, with just my wife and I at home. In a three bedroom insulated house and currently paying £240 ppm.
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    All electric house here, using around 30kWh a day. We luckily have a log burner and free seasoned wood so we have been keeping the burner on a lot to reduce the bills a little. Our fixed tarrif comes to an end at the beginning of March and I dread to think how much things will go up to.
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    It would be interesting to see everyone's usage in kWh and how much they pay, since both the usage and tariff price affect what you pay.
    1,285.1kWh 9.84223p £126.48

    Standing charge (31 days @ 27.12877p per day) £8.41
    So £126 plus 8.41 was gas last month.

    Be more this month I guess (edited)
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    £65 a week ATM.
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    £400 a month, haven't had the heating on all year until a few weeks ago and even then was getting charged £300.
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    I pay £300 per month dd.

    (3 bed semi detached with so many bleeding windows and doors and children who don’t close behind them or sit in one room together unless there’s food)
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    £16 per day at the moment . Over a third of my weekly income. 
    mid  terrace Victorian house (both houses next door are empty)
    I can’t get the house warmer than 19 degrees . 
    I Wake up and it’s 13 degrees. Then put Heating on all day and by the end of the day it’s around 19 degrees. 

    Electric blankets at night to try and save costs. 
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